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OCT's 33rd Season Continues...
Could I Have
This Dance?
a dramatic comedy by Doug Haverty
directed by Minna Badanes

Friday, May 11 @ 7:30p
Saturday, May 12 @ 7:30p
Sunday, May 13 @ 2:00p

Portville Central School Auditorium
500 Elm Street / Portville NY (map it!)
About the Show...

Woodie Guthrie had it. It’s usually hereditary, but not always passed on to every offspring. The symptoms do not normally appear until a person reaches their mid- forties. Referred to as “The Dance of Death,” Huntington’s Disease is a complete degeneration of the nervous system and is incurable. A blood test is available to determine if the disease is present in young people. Would you want to know? That is the dilemma faced by two sisters whose mother, Jeanette, has Huntington’s. It has affected every aspect of their romantic lives, and has also affected the life of their father who accepts and loves Jeanette just as she is.

The girls and their father never lose their sense of humor, but the sisters are both repelled by the test and attracted to it, one desperate for the answer and one living in morbid fear of it. Could I Have This Dance? is ultimately about love and cherishing what life we are given. It is about difficult choices and a remaining question: Are we better off not looking at what the future holds?
Jeanette Glendenning... Marcia Gallineaux-Hubert
Monica Glendenning... Dani Brien
Hank Glendenning... Steve Riley
Amanda Glendenning... Sue Hannon
Errol Watkins... Jacob Carll
Colin McMann... Mike Schott

Production Staff
Producer... Linda Manross
Director... Minna Badanes
Tech Director... Jim Hunter