25th Anniversary Season Continues!
A Magical Journey Over the Rainbow and Back...
The Wizard of Oz
Directed by Kenneth Roberts

Performance Dates:
Friday, September 24, 2004  -  7:30p
Saturday, September 25, 2004  -  7:30p
Sunday, September 26, 2004  -  2:00p

Olean High School Auditorium - Olean, New York

About the Show...
  We are doing a version of The Wizard of Oz that was written in 1987 for the Royal Shakespeare Company of London and was first performed in the Barbizon Theatre.  It utilizes most of the Harold Arlen music that was written for the MGM Judy Garland movie but was left on the cutting room floor.

  All of the familiar tunes from the movie are included as well.  We are looking to do a
rather unconventional staging of this production.  The characters will all be the same, but the sets and the costumes may be a bit on the surrealistic side.  We hope to make this a production that children will love and also one that the adults in our audience will enjoy because it won't "look" like the movie.

  The design is still developing but we do hope to include some special effects and lighting that will be
new adventures for OCT and our audience. - Ken Roberts, Director
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Production Staff
Director...Ken Roberts
Producer and Costumer...Charlotte Roberts
Technical Coordinator...Caddy Greenidge
Choreographer...Sue Massaro
Vocal Music Director...Joelle Jenkins
Conductor...Ruth Fuller
Accompanist...Joyce Gilroy
Lights...Jessica Campbell
Sound...John Zinzi
Stage Manager...Jon Giberson
Scenic Designer...Jennifer Wolbert
House Manager...Linda Manross
Publicity...Chris Mackowski
The Cast

Dorothy.....Heidi Giberson
Scarecrow.....Steve Spry
Tin Man.....Tim Mulcahey
Lion.....Bill Steffen

Uncle Henry / Guard.....Chris Mackowski
Professor Marvel / Oz.....Robert Clemons
Auntie Em  / Glinda.....Kimberly Schweigart
Miss Gulch / Wicked Witch.....Christin Winegard

Gordon Cross, David Bergreen

Apple Tree
Melissa Harvey, Kimberly Payne, Jody Bill

Keri Bellamy, Alison Brady, Danielle Campbell,
Kierstin Coatney, Emily Sorokes, Zachary Cole,
Christina Gallman, Kara Gallmann, Laura Giberson,
Brittney Lee, Tim Sherlock, Tanaka Van Druff, Molly Wagner

Joellen Beatty, Jerilynn Clement, Beth Fuller, Hannah Garrett,
Barbara Gee, Sonja Gee, Carol Haight, Lori Lee,
Sarah Martin, Gus Napoleon, Nina McMullen, Maggie Powell,
Christopher Prozeller, Patty Saglimben, Mike Staley,
James Spitalere, Adam Thompson, Eric Van Druff

Gabrielle Bailey, Tierney Bernstein, Alicia Broadbent,
Geoffrey Broadbent, Shaugn Bryant, Alexa Campbell,
Erin Coatney, Allison Doty, Brian Edminster, Savannah Evans,
Courtney Rae Ewings, Joan Haynes, Allison Holly, Abby Kahm,
Jenna Kellogg, Amber Kolodziejski, Stephanie Mackowski,
Pat McNeil, Elizabeth Myers, Jessica Owen, Michael Padlo,
Joe Reed, Lauren Saglimben, Leigh Ann Schaffer,
Abigail Stavish, Madison Stavish, Andrew Van Dixon
(l to r) Steve Spry, Heidi Giberson, Bill Steffen, Tim Mulcahey